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Rural Security

Living out in the countryside, you can't keep an eye on all of your property, all of the time.  And with large distances between buildings, it is very difficult to run conventional CCTV applications across an estate.
However, with a wireless network connecting buildings across a large geographic area, IP based security cameras can keep watch for you.
Working with HD video and connected up to an internet attached recorder,the live stream or recordings can be accessed using a mobile phone, tablet or PC


Automatic Number Plate Recognition

Instead of sitting down and looking through the recordings to see who's accessed your premises, Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) will produce a simple list of vehicle number plates and times. Backed up by brief videos or photos of the vehicle and driver, ANPR will produce a comprehensive database of all vehicle movements.
Rural Technologies Wales can go one further.  Access barriers can be linked to ANPR systems to automatically allow authorised vehicles into remote sites.

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