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Network Hub and Cable

IT Services and Support

Whether large or small, businesses need to keep up to date with their IT systems to keep a competitive edge. Not only do we ensure that we provide the most suitable services but we take pride in how quickly we are able to turn up and fix issues should they occur.

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For any business to function well, be it running a small holiday cottage or a huge farm it is important to know what's going on to ensure that everything is running correctly. We can tailor make monitoring systems for your business and provide full support, giving you more time to focus on the important things and spend less time worrying.

Dish Antenna
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Mobile Phone

Software Development

As well as being able to provide the equipment needed for your business to flourish we offer tailor made software for whatever your business needs.

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Application Hosting

Running computers in a rural setting can be inconvenient and expensive, luckily there is a solution. We can host applications from the cloud giving you full access to the application and software through a web browser without having to deal with any of the comlpications that come from hosting from your own hardware.

Dish Antenna
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