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Network Hub and Cable

Industrial Monitoring

Monitoring processes in industrial or agricultural environments is now becoming essential for quality control and certification.  Customers or regulatory inspectors are wanting to see traceability of the entire process to ensure the quality of the finished goods.  Process monitoring solutions tend to be very expensive and in many cases stand-alone leading to an increase in paperwork, keeping all the information together.
Rural Technologies Wales can implement a secure, web-enabled monitoring system to log many process variables such as temperature, humidity, flow-rate, weight etc.
Alerting can be put in place to notify you of alarm conditions such as an empty hopper or over or under temperature.

Capturing Art

Holiday Home Monitoring

Wales is a beautiful place to visit with many holiday homes in the more inaccessible places.  Busy in the warmer months, these homes are often visited infrequently during the winter with owners leaving the heating on low to ensure pipes don't freeze or condensation problems occur.
However, a break down of the heating system or a cold spell can drain the gas or oil leading to the house getting cold which in turn leads to disappointed guests and possible damage.
Rural Technologies Wales can install a simple monitoring solution to allow web access to temperatures inside and outside the house and alerting if temperatures fall below the threshold.

Monitoring: Services
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