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Superfast 4G Broadband

Broadband Anywhere

We understand the importance of high speed internet and we also know how important location can be to some people. Living and working in a rural area no longer means sacrificing good internet. With 4G internet covering the vast majority of the country it is the ideal solution to providing internet to areas which can often be overlooked by many companies. It really is as simple as pulling the internet out of the thin air in most cases, with an aerial and receiver pointed in the direction of the nearest 4G tower. No cables, no digging, and believe it or not no installation costs for most people! You read that correctly, the Welsh Assembly Government is providing grants for the installation of rural internet that cover all the installation costs in most cases (Click for the eligibility criteria and scheme conditions of the access broadband cymru scheme).

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Faster and More Reliable than Satelite

Satellite broadband was revolutionary when it first came out but since then wireless broadband has progressed a huge amount and 4G is on the leading edge. The first cars changed the world but that doesn't mean they are still worth buying, the same goes for sattelite broadband which some companies still try to push.


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One time boosts from 2GB-200GB

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